Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon to continue tradition in 2014

Many were shocked and devastated when the news about the Boston Marathon bombing flooded internet social media on Monday.

Crowds gathered near the finish line cheering the runners when two bombs exploded and killed three people, injuring more than a hundred, both spectators and runners.

The Boston Marathon is one of the biggest marathon events in the world, many a runners dream is to join in this annual event at Boston.

In spite of the tragic event that happened, the organizers of the Boston Marathon said they still plan to hold the 188th edition of the race next year.  Thomas Grilk, executive director of the Boston Athletic Association said the Boston Marathon is deeply held tradition and a part of the fabric and history of the community. “We are committed to continuing that tradition with the running of the 118th Boston Marathon in 2014,” he added.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kobe Bryant injured in their last game

The Los Angeles Lakers managed to keep their playoff hopes alive with a 118-116 victory over Golden State last Friday, but might lose Kobe Bryant for the rest of the season.

Kobe Bryant suffered “torn Achilles” as he tried to beat Harrison Barnes to the outside with just over three minutes left in fourth quarter. Kobe scored 34 points before leaving the game because of his injury.

Kobe said he never dealt with something like that before and the injury was a new experience from him. He said he felt like he got kicked and he was just doing a move he was doing a million times and he felt a “pop.”

The all-star guard and future Hall of Famers added, “I can’t walk. I tried to put pressure on my heel see if I can do it that and there is nothing there. I had no Achilles, that is the sensation. MRI, surgery and then recovery.”

Friday, April 12, 2013

Triple H suffered second-degree burn in Wrestlemania 29

The Wrestlemania XXIX was really awesome!

The grudge match between Triple H and former UFC Champion Brock Lesnar was explosive! I’m sure we all know that The Game defeated Brock Lesnar by hitting him with the sledgehammer in their no-holds-barred match.

Triple H received some gruesome punishments too before he was able to claim his victory over Lesnar.

But what we were not aware of was that, aside from the pains he got from the fight, The King of Kings was already hurt even before the match started. Triple HHH suffered second-degree burns from dry ice during his entrance to the match.

The Game tweeted about his accident and uploaded a photo of his burned body.

Here is the video during the introduction where Triple H suffered 2nd degree burn.

For more stories, check out the website of WWE.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

McDonalds apologized for offending ad

McDonalds issued an apology for an offending ad that was released without the company’s approval.

The ad showing a crying woman with the caption “You’re not alone. Millions of people love the Big Mac,” was seen on a poster on Boston metro. The PR failure was said to parody mental health and depression PSAs. A toll-free phone number that connects to McDonalds corporate line is also shown at the bottom of the poster.

McDonalds, however, was quick to react. They were not happy with what happened and issued a statement to Time:

We can confirm this ad was not approved by McDonald’s. And, as soon as we learned about it, we asked that it be taken down immediately. We have an approval process in place, with our marketing and advertising agencies, to ensure that all advertising content is consistent with our brand values. Regrettable, in this incident, that process was not followed. We sincerely apologize for this error.